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Wink Eten & Drinken

Café Wink

Former Café Wink has a long history. Piet Wink was the founder in 1870 and has a long list of family members who have successively owned the place. In 2004, Henny van der Vliet took over the business. This place was his passion and his life. After his very unexpected death, his sons continued the business. In 2021, Willem de Beukelaer, the new “kastelein,” gave Wink a different look.

Wink Eten & Drinken

Wink Eten & Drinken adds a new chapter to Wink’s illustrious history. Wink stands for conviviality, genuine hospitality, a well tapped glass of Heineken beer and enjoying delicious and well-preparedcapability Wink has three themeunder one roof:

  1. A brown ‘eatery’ where nostalgia and aviation history come together.youand come together.
  2. The conservatory with the appearance of a cozy beach lounge.
  3. The lounge, an ambiance where all colours melt into one
Caroline and Johan back

Former Wink employees Caroline and Johan, return to their old familiar place on May 1, 2023 after a 9-year absence. With their acquisition, their great wish is coming true.

Because Wink underwent a complete “makeover” in 2021, the newcomers will not change anything about the interior. However, changes will be made to the menu.

Fish of the day at Wink Eten en Drinken