Wink Eten & Drinken

Café Wink has a long history, with Piet Wink as its founder in 1870. Today, Wink still stands for cosiness, genuine hospitality, a well-drawn glass of Heineken beer and enjoying delicious and well-preparedcapability.


Wink Food

Our chefs have created a menu that offers something for everyone. Fresh ingredients of good quality at attractive prices is the motto.

Our lunch menu offers a variety of dishes that can be served within the limited period in which our guests can enjoy their well-earned break.

The Kopa oven is an eye-catcher in the kitchen. The use of charcoal in the oven enhances the flavor and the aromas provide an appetite stimulating effect.

There is also thought of savoury delicacy accompanying the drinks. Besides lunch and dinner, soon it will also be possible to order for take away.

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Wink Drinks

Willem had been looking for a long time for a place that he prefers to describe as a Heineken Café. The appearance of this café is exactly what he was looking for. A warm welcome, a place where friendships arise, a place for laughter and where people celebrate live.

The beer menu further enhances the Heineken experience. In addition, you can enjoy delicious, chilled white or rosé wines on the terrace. The variety in red wines on our wine list helps you to make your choice for a nice glass of red wine with your steak.


Wink Party

Wink is also a perfect place for hosting dinner, drinks or other events for you and your guests. We will not avoid any challenge and we will provide an appealing arrangement for you.

Contact us for more information or ask one of our staff.

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Oude Meer, part of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, is located along the Ringvaart nearby Schiphol-Oost. In summertime there is a lovely terrace overlooking the water.

A bityou down the road is a popular spot for plane spotting. From the Aalsmeerderdijk you can overlook the entire Aalsmeerbaan (18L – 36R).